Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The Cascades Community Services Association Board of Directors and the Architectural Review Board, want to be certain all residents are aware of the policies in place regarding exterior improvements to properties.

We often hear comments about how nice Cascades is because its residents share the desire that it be that way. In that vein, neighbors count on each other to follow the covenants and polices that allow it stay that way. People who don’t appreciate strong covenants and an active HOA chose to live other places.

The role of the Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to help Cascades remain attractive, desirable, and a place with strong property values.

Please remember that before doing any exterior work to your property, including painting, replacing your fence or roof or driveway, or cutting or removing trees more than 6 inches in diameter (or shrubs 3 inches in diameter), you must submit an application to the ARB.

The "Home Improvement Project App." is available on the website at The completed application can be delivered to the drop box next to the Maintenance Facility at 58 Cascades Circle West, or by calling (769-233-4573). You may also email a copy to [email protected]. Please turn in your requests 30 days in advance of beginning work. ARB will turn most requests around within a week, but for major projects, adequate time must be given.

Remember all driveways and sidewalks must be aggregate concrete. No new asphalt driveways are allowed and any new driveway or sidewalk work that is planned will need to be with aggregate concrete.

Fencing conditions and styles are an issue in the neighborhood, so please consult with the ARB before hiring someone to replace your fence. Shadowbox fencing is encouraged, but good neighbor fences are allowed, but the “bracing” side must be on the interior of the fence.

Please also be aware that you will need a permit from the City of Clinton to legally replace a fence, roof or driveway. Clinton will not issue you a permit without proof of your approval from the Cascades ARB.

The Architectural Review Board wants to be helpful and will do all it can to work with you to approve your requests, but its role is to help maintain the standards of design and construction in Cascades and help ensure strong property values for years to come.

It is the responsibility of the ARB to regularly inspect properties to ensure that homes in Cascades are in compliance with the covenants. Some items the ARB reviews include:

Homes that need pressure or bleach washing
Rotten exterior wood
Homes in need of painting
Damaged doors, windows, gutters and garage doors
Unkempt yards, including overgrown lawns, flowerbeds, and shrubs

Finally, here are some other issues that do arise that are in the purview of the ARB:
Nuisance vehicles
Parking in the street overnight
Parking in yards
Residents parking in guest parking areas
Garage doors left open
Nuisance pets (Clinton has a leash law which is enforced)

The Board and ARB are simply residents of the neighborhood, just like you, who volunteer to be involved in keeping Cascades one of Clinton’s premiere neighborhoods.

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