The CCSA Board of Directors has had to modify plans for our Annual Homeowners Meeting on January 23, 2021. We will have a "Drive Up/Drive Thru" meeting in the parking lot at Traceway Park's softball fields across Northside drive from Cascades, from 10-11 am. 

The parking lot is accessible off Cynthia Drive on the east side of the street. Due to COVID-19 concerns and Northside Baptist Church not being available for use, and the need to limit the size and duration of indoor gatherings, board members will be available to meet with residents one-on-on one in the parking lot.

Copies of the parcel budgets will be available.



Dutch's Oven is offering a 15% discount AND optional delivery for Cascades residents! 


You can check out their menu by clicking here.
(601) 473-2441

Let us know who your favorite painter, carpenter, yard person, etc. is so other residents will know who to trust by visiting our recommended services page on our website!

Renowned for it's low-maintenance properties, copious common grounds, green spaces, ponds, and HOA maintained yards, living does not get much easier than in Cascades. All that is left for you to tend to is your fenced in yard and patio. If you would like a more traditional home ownership, there are areas where you can be responsible for your own property, with lower HOA fees. Cascades holds excellent access to the Clinton School District and is within walking distance to Traceway Park & Recreation Center.


On Monday June 22, several vehicles had items stolen from them overnight in Cascades. In each instance, the car was not locked and had items of value visible in the vehicle. From what we know, no vehicles were “broken into,” per se.  Due to a tracking device in one of the stolen items, most, if not all, of the perpetrators, have been arrested. Once again, we strongly urge Cascades residents to lock your cars and to not leave items in the passenger compartment overnight.

To learn more tips from Clinton Police, Click Here