Renown for it's low-maintenance properties, copious common grounds, green spaces, ponds, and HOA maintained yards, living does not get much easier than in Cascades. All that is left for you to tend to is your fenced in yard and patio. If you would like a more traditional home ownership, there are areas where you can be responsible for your own property, with lower HOA fees. Cascades holds excellent access to the Clinton School District and is within walking distance to Traceway Park & Recreation Center.

ANNOUNCEMENT:   Cascades Comments now available online in the Cascades Comments section of the website.

Clinton Quest begins TODAY! Are you signed up?!
Here's a quick recap on how to play:

• 100 questions and its an open book quest. There are no rules on how you get the answer to questions. ANYTHING goes.
• The Quest is open/live for 2 weeks starting this Friday October 11th at 5pm. During that time you can login and access the Quest as often as you would like saving your answers along the way.
• They will draw 5 entries at the conclusion and give those 5 entries $5 for every question they got right.
• Also the entry to answer all the questions correctly first will automatically receive $500 ($3000 total available prize money)
• Participants are encouraged to work as a team and there is no limit on the number of people on a team.
• You can register as many times as you would like. Entries are $10.
• Everything is completed on
• Sign in with your username and password and access the quest starting at 5pm this Friday.
• Still have questions? Contact Clinton Quest through!